About us

About FMS

We are your go-to experts for digital agriculture solutions and support. We bring smart tech and creative designs to the farm gate, helping you work better, not harder.

Digital agriculture solutions

Farmers are busy people. We find that many of our customers are stuck in a position where they want to improve things and become more efficient, but are unsure where to start.

Sometimes it’s hard to step out of the cycle of day in, day out, and get a clear and honest opinion on how things could be done better. Smarter. More efficiently.
That’s where we come in.

Our mission

It’s our goal to demonstrate how bright future farming can be – with the right tools, the right relationships, the right attitudes. We know that excellent products are out there. But what is needed is the expertise and advisory capabilities to bring that technology to farmers on the ground, who are already pushed to the limits in terms of time and resources.

Our mission is to:

  • bridge the gap between farmers and digital agriculture solutions, and
  • bring smart, tailored and effective solutions to farmers and their families

Rather than focusing on the technology, we are focused on creating solutions that will result in real benefits to farmers, their farms, their livestock, assets and ultimately, their families.

Why choose us?

It’s the Farm Monitoring Solutions team’s unparalleled experience across the sector, married with our passion for looking after our customers, that sets us apart.

Million hours monitored annually

Years in the industry

Thousand square km monitored

And above all, a lifetime in farming.

For you, it’s about making life easier, more secure, and taking the guesswork out.

What our digital agriculture customers say…

“I found FMS very good to deal with, they have dealt with issues in a timely manner and always just a phone call away.”

Richard Hughes, Clermont, QLD

“The equipment reliability and support form FMS has been great.”

Michael Smith, Pooncarie, NSW